The Move

The Move

It’s best to spend the entire day at your property with our team, preferably without pets or children. Things go much more smoothly when you are present. If possible, be on hand when we and throughout the packing and loading process. Please appoint someone who will be there to direct us from start to finish, if you are unable to be there. Please try not to leave until we have fully completed the packing and loading.

We will issue an inventory of your belongings for moving to storage or for moves destined outside of the UK, this ensures your destination delivery crew are aware of all of your belongings and recording the condition of the goods at time of pack-up.

Don’t forget to take meter readings from all your utilities (electricity, gas, water etc.)

Make a final thorough tour of your home.

Make sure nothing has been overlooked and lock all windows and doors, and turn off all switches.

At your new residence, we will ensure everything is unloaded and placed in the correct rooms, as directed by you.

Remember to keep all your personal items, such as your purse/wallet, keys, medicines and mobile with you! Plenty of water is always a good idea to carry with you.

Also remember to keep the kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk, cups plates, serviettes, some ‘easy to handle food’ such as fruit, cheese and biscuits to hand. Don’t forget things such as; bathroom items, tissues, hand wash and wipes etc.