Welcome! We hope you find our information helpful.You might be returning to Switzerland, or maybe this is a first for you. Whatever your situation is, we will hold your hand…every step of the way.

Whether you are relocating to a city, town or village…relax. We have the experience and relationships with our trusted worldwide team to look after all of your needs. With us, you can be sure that your move will be smooth.

Perhaps you are moving to one of the following cities;Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, (the unofficial capital), Lausanne, Lucerne,St. Gallen, Lugano, Ticino, Fribourg or Thun.

Moving Your World!

We look after all of your belongings such as; art, antiques, ornaments, heirlooms, keepsakes, jewellery, including time-pieces of distinction, musical instruments, books, wine collections, photographs, documentation, vehicles, and yes, your beloved pets too!

Your possessions will be moved by us with the utmost care. People however, come first with us. Perhaps you are responsible for young children, relatives or friends that require special care. We will advise you as to how to make your move as smooth as can be.

Organising your relocation is of course, a mammoth event! We will organise your journey from door to door. We call at world-wide destinations to pack, load, deliver and store, be it short term, long term, staggered, or all of the above!

You may want ‘stagger’ the delivery of your belongings This means that some of your belongings are delivered directly to your new residence, whilst you require long or term storage for other items. You may also require items delivering to various destinations. Yes,…we store and deliver to world-wide locations.

Preparing to Move You

During our survey, we will discuss the entire move with you. We will also carry out the exterior survey for access and parking. We will then forward a complimentary quotation to you.Rest assured, you can place all of your trust in us. We will make sure that you move will be smooth.

Once we your approval, we will expedite your relocation. We take responsibility for your move from now on! We will organise the entire process with you, from start to finish. Relax…

Your Personal Assistant

To give you complete peace of mind, we will allocate you a Personal Assistant. They will be your first point of contact. You can rest assured that you will be kept fully informed at all times.

We look forward to relocating you!

A few facts

The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. The currency is the Swiss Franc. Time zone: Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2. Standard time (Central European Time(CET), UTC +1). The climate remains moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity throughout the year

The Swiss people are natural very friendly nation.Many will go out of their way to help you and want to welcome you to their country.

Business meetings are usually planned, brisk and task-oriented. Preparation in advance is most important.  Punctuality for business and social meetings is imperative. Meetings always have a detailed agenda that is followed to the letter. Everybody is expected to contribute, with the goal of arriving at a consensus very quickly!