Welcome to our information about this fabulous country…Finland! You may be moving The Capital, Helsinki, or to cities such as; Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, Oulu, Lahti, Kuopio, Jyväskylä or Pori.

Your move to FINLAND

We have many years of experience and have great relationships with our trusted Finnish partners. Wherever you are going to settle, you can rest assured your move will definitely be smooth. Our company is here to move your possessions. Our priority however, is you and your loved ones. You may have young children, relatives or friends that reside with you that need special care. We put people first. We can advise you as to how to make your move go as smoothly as possible, for you all.

Perhaps you are returning to Finland. You might never have resided in Finland, and this is a new experience and opportunity! Moving is always a huge event. We are here to organise your journey from door to door. We call at worldwide destinations to pack, load, deliver and store, be it short and/or long term.

We plan your move with you

We will diligently look after all of your precious items such as; art, antiques, ornaments, keepsakes, photographs, heirlooms, books, wine collections, musical instruments, jewellery, including timepieces of distinction, documentation, vehicles, and yes, your beloved pets too!

Moving you, and those closest to you, takes careful planning. You can place all your trust in us to make your move as smooth as it can be.

During our survey at your home, we will discuss the entire move with you. We will of course, also survey the exterior, to ascertain access and any special requirements, parking permits for example! We will then send you a bespoke quotation.

Once we have received your approval, we will expedite your relocation. We take responsibility for your relocation from now on! We will organise the entire process with you, from start to finish.

Your Personal Relocation Coordinator

We are happy to tell you that we will allocate you a Personal Relocation Coordinator. They will be your point of contact. You can rest assured that you will be kept fully updated during the whole process.

We look forward to moving with you!