When is it a good time to contact you?

Moving home can be very stressful. Preparation is the key to making your move run smoothly.

For a comprehensive quote for price and services, it’s a good time to arrange a free survey 4-6 weeks before your moving date.

If you are moving abroad, then your time scale will be much longer. You may need to factor in shipping times which can take up to 12 weeks, so getting an international quote as soon as possible is always best.

Do you offer a full packing and unpacking service?

Yes, we offer a full packing and unpacking service. We can quote for these separately. We can handle all of your belongings for you, including your treasured possessions, high value items, antiques and those of which are fragile. The full packing service is often carried out prior to the day of removal.

Will you position our furniture?

Yes, our professional removal team will position your furniture as per your instructions.

What about access?

Please give us as much information as possible for both properties, regarding; weight, height and length restrictions, the type of road i.e. narrow tight turning points, elevators and any obstructions. Parking permits need to be paid by the customer.

Do you provide storage?

Yes we do. We can offer short term, long term, and international storage for you.

Do you provide full insurance?

With our insurance, you can rest assured that we have the right policy for you. We take great care in giving you complete protection for all of your belongings. You will be insured for all eventualities, including loss and/or damage wherever you are moving to, be it nationally or internationally. We will discuss cover in detail at the time of your survey and at any point throughout your moving process.

What about moving unusually large items?

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving…well pretty much anything really! We are experienced with dealing with, for example, large items of furniture that would require an outside elevator.

What about unusual locations?

We have resources to arrange shuttle service to access the most unusual and difficult of locations.

Can you transport vehicles?

Yes we can. We have the ability to transport your vehicles for you. We have moved most kinds of vehicles that you can imagine! We work with our trusted partners all over the world, so have the ability to get your vehicles when and where you want them to get to.

What about our beloved pets and animals?

We know how much your pets and animals are loved. We have a specialist partner that can handle pet transport worldwide.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation charges may apply, depending on the date of cancellation. We offer ‘Indemnity Insurance’ for this eventuality.

Our end note to you:

We do not see problems…we see solutions. We will have the answer for you, no matter how unusual! You can contact us at any time. We will always be here for you, to give you answers and put your mind at rest. That’s what we are good at, that’s what we love…it’s not our job, it’s our passion…