European and Worldwide Insurance

European and International Insurance


We have a wealth of experience with national and international shipping, removals and exportation. Whatever your individual requirements are, we are able to advise you and organise everything for you.

Insurance is paramount, whatever the logistics your move entails.

You might want to consider additional insurance. When goods are travelling by land, air and/or sea, your belongings need to be fully insured, especially for fragile goods. Air freight is considered less risky than sea transit, due to the possibility of rough seas and shorter transit times.

Specialised international insurance mostly works on an itemised basis. It is a good idea to value each item of your belongings on the assumption of replacing it, like for like. Items that are worth over £500 should be classed as high value. Appropriate insurance should be put in place.

In the unlikely event of any of your belongings being damaged in any way, or lost, having the correct insurance will ensure the repair or replacement.

You can rest assured we can advise you as to which insurance is the most suitable for you.