Sometimes when you move, dates simply refuse to match up! This can often be the case whether you are moving within the UK, or overseas. This situation is when our bespoke containerised storage, is the perfect solution for you. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to accommodate your move and storage needs.

You may need long term, short term or international storage, in some cases a combination of all of the above! Relax, we can accommodate your specific requirements.

There are many reasons why our containerised storage is the right solution for you. You may have items that you no longer require and have a new home to go to, but are in need storage for a period of time before us delivering them to their final destination.

You may need the delivery of your belongings to be staggered. You might not want certain items delivered at the same time. This happens for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are having works done in your new property and/or awaiting delivery of new orders. Certain items of your belongings could be a hindrance if they were delivered before the completion of your plans in your new residence. As well as being a hindrance, it could also turn out to incur unnecessary costs.

We have the right storage for you, regardless of the shape, weight or volume of your belongings.

Our containers are specifically designed for the storage of all of your furniture and goods. A concern, understandably is often regarding furniture. You can rest assured that your furniture is wrapped and protected with our ‘furniture specific’ blanketing systems.

We carefully layer the whole load. This way, it gives complete protection from any movement. Once fully loaded, the door is securely sealed. When delivered by our storage trucks, they will be looked after in our highly secure, monitored and hygienic storage facilities.

We will carry out a full and thorough inventory of all your belongings and duly labelled. We make sure all the correct paperwork is in place with you.

Our reassuring note for you!

All of us are fully trained and we’re all very friendly! We will look after you throughout the whole process of your move and storage experience.

We appreciate that plans can change when you’re moving. You can rest assured that we are adept at having to rearrange things.

Whatever your needs are, we do store…and we do deliver!