Air Freight

Air Freight

Our services provide our international customers with a swift and cost effective solution for moving your possessions.

We are partners with the world’s leading air transport and storage companies which ensure the safety of your belongings.

Whatever the size of your possessions, we will encase them in the highest quality protective crating or casing.

Regarding security, your goods will be put through an X-Ray or a decompression chamber before moving to the airline. We can help you through the process and paperwork for you.

Once the documentation has been completed, your belongings will be allocated with an air waybill number. This enables us to track your items throughout the complete journey.

Once your belongings arrive at the airport, we can provide customs clearance and deliver them directly to you.

Customs regulations vary from country to country. We will provide you with an International Removals Country Fact Sheet relating to the country to which you are moving.

This will give you all the facts you need to know and will include all the appropriate forms. You simply fill these out and send them back to us.

In certain destinations you may be required to be present at Customs when your belongings arrive. We will of course advise you if this is relevant in your situation.

A few days before your consignment arrives, we will contact you to confirm the process and to check that all documentation is in place.

We will advise you of items which may incur duty.

When your consignment has cleared Customs, we must move it to your new home, or into local storage, otherwise airport demurrage/port charges will be incurred. These can prove to be very substantial.

If you have requested us to both deliver andIf you have requested us to both deliver and unpack for you, our delivery team will unpack your items according to your instructions and your chosen unpacking options. We will check the inventory with you to ensure everything has arrived safely.